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Pure Bred Asian Leopard Cat
"The foundation cat of the Bengal breed"

In loving memory

Jamar of Bamboo (ALC)

    The name Jamar means "Handsome". Jamar was an ALC line only found at Bamboo Cattery. He was about 8 pounds and an amazing rosetted cat with a very clear coat, and wonderful white belly. Like Mariatu he was raised with Bengal cats all his life, but had not been offered a breeding female before coming to Bamboo and never did breed for us. He was IPCBA and TICA Registered. Jamar used a litter box faithfully and was non- agressive in anyway. We believe the selection of the Leopard Cats qualities are as important as the Bengals bred to them. Jamar passed away from liver complications in the fall of 2001 he is greatly missed.

Jamar of Bamboo ALC in his large outdoor pen.



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