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(Pictured above is IW RW QC Bamboo Marvelous as a cub at 3 weeks old, she is NOT for sale)

Bamboo Cattery specializes in raising the most exotic looking rarest purebred Bengal cats with the highest amount of Leopard Cat blood available anywhere in the world!

Please note, that not all F1 and Early Generation Bengal cats are of the same quality as they are here at Bamboo. While most other Bengal catteries are producing the watered down versions of only 10-20%, Bamboo Cattery has been consistently offering high quality Bengal cats of 50, 60, & even 80% Leopard Cat blood while still producing the most sweet natured, well behaved, bonding, loving, outgoing, affectionate, and genetically sound domestic Bengal cats available in the world for over a decade!

Bamboo Bengals are for the must discriminate breeder, pet owner, and show person. Who realize that getting a genetically sound, well socialized, and well behaved Bengal cat is worth far more than to have to deal with shy temperaments and chronic health issues with high medical bills as well as having to deal with many breeding and genetic health problems down the road.

Just ask anyone who owns a Bengal cat from Bamboo Cattery or read Bamboo's many unedited Customer Testimonies  from around the world who also have owned other Bengal cats and other hybrid cat breeds and now own an F1 or 3/4 F1 Bengal cats from Bamboo cattery.

Our motto "Breeding for quality, not quantity, on sound genetic health, not for current fades".


F2 Bengal Kitten!
"Bottle raised"
Sire: Ch. Bamboo King Tutankhaman
Dam: Bamboo Golden Girl (Maximus F1)
Date of Birth 7/24/09
 Outstanding, very loving, affectionate, and well behavied kitten!

Golden Leopard Spotted with White Belly!

Small Female is available as a pet for $1200.00 or for breeding or pet home for $2000.00. She is our last F2 Bengal litter as we are closing our Cattery very soon.
Contact Marie for more infomation.

We will continue to breed our Bengal cats until all have been rehomed. We have placed half of our Bengal cats so far and sould be out of breeding them by 2010. This mean 2009 will likely be your last chance to get a Bamboo raised and socialized Bengal kitten or cat.
Must Sell!
Adult Prices negotiable!
  SBT Queens For Sale

   EG Queens For Sale

Bamboo is a registered cattery with
Unfortunately, this does not stop other catteries from using our name as part of their cattery name. We are the ONLY "Bamboo" Bengal cat Cattery and have no connection to any other cattery!

Owning a Pet verses a Breeder?

Bamboo raises ALL their kittens in their home to be loving well behaved pets first and foremost, but all pet kittens MUST be neutered or spayed no later than 5-6 months of age. If you don't, you will not only be violating our legally binding pet contract, but the adult whole (un-neutered) males will likely start to spray and mark outside of their litterbox and many whole (un-spayed) females will do the same when they are seeking a mate which can be as often as every 3-4 weeks.

This marking habit may become difficult to stop once it is started in your home. Whole cats also go through many hormonal stages that may also make them unsuitable in the home.

Please note: Marking and spraying in whole (un-fixed) cats is not a "Bengal Thing" and is very common in all domestic cat breeds. In fact it is even more common in several other domestic cat breeds, but all domestic cat breeds will mark if not neutered or spayed when recommended.

Unless you have or are planning to build a cattery designed to house whole breeding cats, we do not recommend you purchase any domestic cats for breeding or to keep them whole. Breeding is best left to the experts.

What makes a better pet Male or Female?

When both sexes are fixed at the recommended 5-6 months of age, the only difference between the sexes is their size, both sex's make wonderful pets so it boils down to your personal size preference. Bengal males average 5-8 pound larger than female Bengals.

Just a few reasons why you should consider purchasing your Bengal cat from Bamboo Cattery!
#1. Genetic Health: Benefits of Bamboo's many years of genetic research and elimination of many genetic health issues in the Bengal cats they breed, assuring long life, healthy disposition, easy care, without future high medical bills, or dealing with chronic illnesses or even early death that are unfortunately very common in all domestic cat breeds today that are bred simply to make money or win at shows.

Contrary to what some catteries would like you to believe, there is NO definitive test for HCM and many cats and their offspring of known HCM bloodlines will test negative time and time again, only to be found to be positive many years later. Please note, that Bamboo Cattery has NEVER produced a HCM positive cat or kitten and will never use for breeding any bloodlines that carry HCM regardless how many negative tests are performed on them. No cattery small or large has a better health recorded than Bamboo Cattery.

#2. Socialization: Bamboo is unequaled  in their advanced understanding of the Leopard Cat instincts after owning over 80 Leopard Cats with the Leopard Cat Foundation and have found proven socialization and imprinting techniques that work 99% of the time. There unique techniques have proven for over a decade with customers world wide to produce the most affectionate, outgoing, loving temperaments, and well behaved Bengal cats that crave human contact, not just as kittens, but throughout their entire life span.

#3. Important Training and Programing: Bamboo's proven programing and imprinting techniques in producing 99% of their Bengal cats that require no special care, food, or environment, and have very outgoing behaviors, second to no other domestic breed of cat or generation of Bengal cat. In fact, almost all of Bamboo's customers feel their F1 Bengal cats are the most loving, outgoing, affectionate, and well behaved domestic cats they have ever owned.

#4. Mentoring their customers: Unlike many catteries who will not return calls or communications after the sale, Mike & Marie have always taken time out of their very busy schedules to help their customers and even many non-customers. In fact almost all of their customers have  become their life-long friends.

Taking all this in consideration, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future medical bills, special diets, and/or facilities, as well as many possible heart aches, disappointments and your time. You will also benefit from Mike and Marie's 65 plus combined years of experience willing to mentor you. Bamboo's success is measured by your satisfaction weather you are a breeder, show person , or pet owner. Bamboo has always relied on our customers word of mouth, rather than fancy ads.

Please note: Bamboo works exceptionally hard to raise each and every one of their Bengal cats to satisfy their customers totally, so not to have to deal with any problems. If you have purchased one from another cattery, please contact the breeder you purchased them from and not Bamboo. We simply do not have the time to fix all the  problems caused by so many breeder's who take short cuts and it is next to impossible to know what the real cause of the problem is without first hand knowledge of the kittens/cats genetic and/or training background. Only the breed really knows.

Please hold the person who sold you your kitten/cat responsible and not the individual kitten/cat, the Bengal breed, or the Leopard Cats inheritance.

Buyer's Beware:
    We are continually contacted by people who have purchased F1 - SBT Bengal kittens from other catteries that were advertised as "hand raised" who when arrived are hissing, spitting, even biting, and are completely unsocialized and untrained. Unfortunately, many are raised in barns or in basements and not in their homes.
     Because of the Leopard Cats strong natural instinct to fear humans, BOTTLE RAISING IS A MUST! It is our experienced opinion that anyone who tells you different, is trying to exploit them without doing the work and responsibility  for any negativity toward the Bengal cat breed. 
     In fact, please note that a non-bottle raised F1 is only worth half the price of a bottle raised one and buy purchasing a non-bottle raised EG is only helping to support breeders who are hurting the whole breeds reputation, so don't be fooled. 
     Even if purchasing just for breeding, non-bottle raised EG's will be very nervous and will not handle stress as well. They are highly more likely to have problems breeding and even if you can get them bred, they are more likely to abort, abandon their litter, or even eat their young to protect them, Which is very rare in bottle raised, well socialized ones.
     We feel it is irresponsible and unethical for anyone to produce animals that live in fear and stress for their whole lives. It is our experience that they MUST be pulled and bottle raised prior to 21 days of age or earlier to achieve full socialization. Even bottle raising is not always enough if the kitten has not been socialized and loved as part of the family. This is the key to assuring a sweet, loving, outgoing calm dispositions, that Bamboo Cattery is so well known for. 
     As with all kittens, they must also be taught to use a litterbox as soon as they can go on their own. Once "ANY" kitten has been able to defecate on it self or in it's bed, it will never be a clean reliable litterbox user in the future.
     Bamboo takes pride in raising the very sweetest, most outgoing, most well behaved, and well  socialized Bengal cats available in the world ( Testimonies ). 
     Most of our customers feel our F1 50-80% Bengals are sweeter than any other generations of Bengals and other domestic cats they have owned.
     Contrary to what some breeders say, who have never owned a Bengal kitten from Bamboo Cattery, ours require NO special care, experience or environment. We have a saying at Bamboo, "it's socialization not generation". Many breeders blame the generation or the Leopard Cat for their short comings, we hope people hold the "BREEDER" accountable and not the poor kitten, the Bengal breed, or the Leopard Cat inheritance. With today's knowledge about the Leopard Cats true loving nature and how to socialize them properly, there are no excuses!
      Bamboo also recommends bottle feeding all F2 and F3 Bengal cats regardless how sweet the mother is to make sure that every kitten will be completely socialized and live a happy long life in their new homes. Visitors are welcome by appointment to see first hand how outgoing and affectionate ALL our whole intact breeding Bengal cats are to strangers.

Those on our waiting list get first chance on kittens as they become available, so many of our best kittens we produce are never posted on our web site or seen by the public. We require a $100 USD non-refundable deposit to be added on our waiting list. We are expecting several 3/4 F1, F1, F2, and some outstanding SBT (F4 plus) including some outstanding Silver litters in the near future.

Planned Bengal Litters

 As you can see, Bamboo cattery mainly  specializes in raising early generation high percentage domestic Bengals. All are bottle raised, well socialized, very affectionate, outgoing, completely litterbox trained, and eating quality canned and dry cat food.

Some of our queens have been bred and may already have kittens, we no longer give due dates and will let those on our waiting list know when kittens are born that will be available to them to choose before posting any on the web site. Most kittens we raise are reserved before hand and are never posted.

 Our goals at Bamboo are to produce the very highest quality Bengal cats possible at an affordable price. Bamboo kittens are sold with a written health and genetic guarantee. The best guarantee is one that is never needed.

Early Generation (EG) Bengal Kittens

   Early generation kittens (F1, F2, & F3) are more exotic looking than later generation (F4 plus) kittens. When raised the way we raise and socialize them, they are also the most affectionate, intelligent and dog like of all Bengal generations.
   Because all F1, almost all F2 and most F3 males are infertile they are sold as pets only, but must still be neutered to prevent marking. Bamboo bottle feeds and well socializes their early generation Bengal kittens and does everything it can to raise the sweetest kittens possible. They are litter box trained as soon as they can go on their own, and fed regular high quality cat food.
 2008 Price List
(Prices are subject to change)

Please note: Bamboo Early Generation prices are based on years of genetic selection, being "Bottle" raised (F1-F3) to remove ALL instinctive fear of humans, are very well socialized in our home, and are totallyl litterbox trained as soon as they can walk.

It's our opinion that ALL (F1-F3) EG Bengals should be bottle raised and that it is unethical and wrong for catteries to not bottle raise them. We have lost count of all the emails and calls we have and countinue to receive from people who have purchased non-bottle raised EG Bengals and other non-bottled raised hybrid breeds from catteries who can no longer deal with them and regret not getting one from Bamboo Bengals.

Also, since other catteries do not do all the extra work with their kittens as Bamboo, they should only be offering their kittens below half the price of our bottle raised kittens. The same goes for any hybrid breed of kittens. Other websites may appear to be offering great deals, but in the long run you will most likely end up with a poorly socialized, poorly trained, poor genetics/health, and many added expenses and heart aches. Like owning a cat that lives in fear of humans it's whole life, absorbs, aborts, or even eats it young in fear, stays hidden all the time, and ends up in rescue or worse is euthanized. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

"Bottle Raised well socialized" kitten prices are as follows. F1 Male pet prices start at $2500, F2 male pets start at $1000-$2000, No F3's will be available because we no longer have F2 queens in our program. F1 Breeder females start at $3500-$4000, F2 Breeder females start at $2000-$2500. Since we are getting out of breeding in the near future, we are no longer accepting deposit unless we have kittens available.
     We are still raising the rarest and most exotic Bengal kittens in the world! They are out of  F1 Bengal females (about 60%) bred back to one of our Leopard Cats, some people call these 3/4 F1 or 75% Bengals, but because of the high percentage of our F1 Bengal queens these are about 80% Leopard Cat. This has only been accomplished by a few breeders in history, most being much less than 80% and our's virtually look, move, and sound like a Leopard Cat to the untrained eye, but are still domestic Bengal cats and ours make wonderful well behaved loving house pets. Male 3/4 F1s will be available for pets starting at $4,000 each. We already have sold several of these as pets with excellent results. Please read about Bamboo Yoda in Norway on our Testimony page and what his owner's have to say about visiting Bamboo Cattery.

In the past, Bamboo has been offered $10,000.00 plus for 3/4 F1 bred female Bengals for breeding programs. They are also approximately 80% Leopard Cat. The reason they are so valuable to the breeder is that when they are bred to a common SBT Bengal stud of 20% , the F2 offspring will be 60% equal to today's F1s we produce and when bred again to an SBT of 20%, the F3 offspring would be 40% very close to the original F1s produced and when they would be bred to another 20% SBT male, the showable F4 offspring would be the first SBT's of 30% and should dominate the show hall. These will be 5% higher than the original F2's produced. Bamboo might allow a few of these very rare high quality 3/4 F1 female kittens to approved catteries only starting $8,000.00-$10,000.00 each. Remember, we are getting out of breeding, so the ones we are producing may be the last 3/4 Bengals raised and socialized by us. Unfortunately, NO other cattery has ever equaled to Bamboo's socialization and bottle feeding techniques.

     When available, Bamboo's later generation (F4 or more generations) Bengal kittens will start at $500-1000 as Pets, $1200-$2500 for breeder/show. Bamboo is planning some top show quality SBT litters in 2009 to continue our breeding program in other catteries and we will have some to offer. We will also have top quality kittens from kitten back deals that we have very selectively picked from our queens and studs sold to other catteries. These are TOP PICK kittens out of top quality breeding programs.

Please note: We are required by law to collect 6% sales tax from all kitten/cat sales that are picked up. Only tax exempt on kitten/cats shipped or if purchased by a non-profit organization.

   "We strongly recommend that all Bengal breeders and pet owners and enthusiasts join
The International Bengal Breeders' Association (TIBBA).  TIBBA recognizes, promotes, and protects all generations of Bengals. We feel the future of the Bengal breed as a whole depends on them."


        All Bamboo Bengal cats/kittens that we sell are registered with the  International Progressive Cat Breeders' Alliance 'IPCBA' were all generations of Bengals are registered as domestic cats (felis catus). Bengal cats sold as Breeders will be supplied with TICA papers as well. They also may be eligible for registration in other registries that register Bengal Cats.

Reserving a Kitten !!!!

    If you would like to reserve a Bengal kitten or be placed on our waiting list, please email us or call us at (270) 531-7966 for a screening . If we feel you will provide a good loving home for our Bengals, you will be contacted when kittens are available and will be requiered to send a non-refundable deposit to Marie Bloodgood 11290 N. Dixie Hwy., Bonnieville, KY 42713.

    Deposits are non-refundable, and non- transferable, unless kitten proves not to be of the quality first thought by us.

Please note: We are required by law to collect 6% sales tax from all Kentucky residents and from all kitten/cat sales that are picked up.


We are NO longer offering our kittens or cats to customers outside of the United States of America.

Please be advised that USA Law requires CITES  and USFW inspection on ALL Bengal cats and Leopard Cats regardless of generation they are when exported from or imported to the United States. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Be aware that there are un-ethical Bengal cat and Leopard Cat breeder's that are offering international customers to import and export them illegally by making false claims on their documents. Please be advised that it is a felony to attempt to falsify documents or make false statements written or verbal to any USFW, Port Authority, FBI, or other Federal agent and the cats have and will be confiscated and euthanized at a lost to the buyer. We know of several people who have had their cats confiscated and lost all their money to these un-ethical breeders.

If you are think about purchasing a Bengal cat or Leopard Cat that will need to be exported or imported to or from the USA, contact USFW for the facts and don't take anyone else's word!

Identify Your kittens and Cats the Professional Way!

Millions of dogs and cats, horses, livestock and birds now carry the AVID® microchip. Wildlife and endangered species, reptiles and even fish are being studied and managed with the aid of this great technology.

Developed by a veterinarian, the AVID® microchip is safe, permanent and takes only seconds to administer. The tiny indictable "chip" contains a one-of-a-kind identification number and is recognized worldwide.

A special scanner is used to read the microchip through the skin of the animal. The animal feels nothing as the chip's number quickly appears in the scanner's viewing window. With a phone call, the registered chip can be traced back to the purchaser if necessary.

IPCBA approved and pre-registered AVID® microchips are available on all Bamboo's cats/kittens for only $20 extra. Most vets charge $50 or more for them plus an office visit charge and registration fee.


      We raise each kitten in our home as part of our family so we  prefer that our customers pick up their kitten, so we can meet them face to face.
    Since this is not always feasible for everyone, we do ship  from Louisville International Airport. We require $275.00 (price subject to change) to ship your kitten to any major airport in the US continent. This includes, making reservations, vet check, vaccinations, health certificate, pet carrier, safe transportation to our airport, shipping insurance, and airline shipping expense. All you will need to do is pick up your kitten or cat at your nearest major airport. To avoid complications, missed flights, and connection problems, we will ONLY ship our kitties on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Very, very seldom anything ever goes wrong while shipping, but we insure them for their full value whenever possible, but it is the buyer's full responsibility once the kitten/cat has been left with the airlines. Buyer must notify the airline at time of pick up of anything that may have happened during shipping and to file all claims with the airline. Bamboo's health guarantee does not cover injuries of any kind after the cat/kitten has left our possession.. Fortunately, we have only had one bad incident in over 35 years of shipping animals and it was not serious and it may or may not have been the airlines fault.

Please remember to bookmark this page to check back with us.

November 27, 2009



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