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Photo Gallery

        This Gallery contains photos of cats that have contributed to Bamboo Bengals, They may or may not be owned by Bamboo. This Gallery was designed to give the viewer an eye for quality in Bengals and to show the quality in Bamboo Bengals.  To see all the Bamboo Bengals check out our Stud, Queen's, and Kitten pages.

Bamboo Cattery now has 10 Leopard Cat (LC) bloodlines.

    Taro of Bundas (male)               Bahgara Kahn of Kent (male)
    Centerwall/Meredith (male)         Hatfield ALC (male)
    Houser ALC (female)                Wild Huntsman of Spotoluck (male)
    Kingofasia of Nefertelli (male)     Ido Naqit of Trendar (male Amur)
    ZHaDum of Bamboo (male)         ZaRu of Bamboo (male Amur)

Leopard Cats
"The foundation Cat of the domestic Bengal "


ZHaDum of Bamboo

ZaRu of Bamboo

Wild Huntsman of Spotoluck

Kingofasia of Nefertelli 

Ido Naqit of Trendar (Amur)

Early generation domestic Bengals
(F1's, F2's, and F3's)

Bundas First Lady of Bamboo F1
(Taro ALC line)

Spotoluck Nutmegnspice of Uniquely F1
(Huntsmen ALC line)

(F1 out of ZHaDum of Bamboo ALC)

(F1 out of ZaRu of Bamboo LC)

Trendar F1 Amuretta of Bamboo 
(Ido  Amur LC line)

Bundas Shameless of Bamboo F1
(Taro ALC line)

Trendar Ambrosia of Bamboo F2
(Ido Amur LC line)

Bamboo Banzai F2 (Taro line)

Flavorcats Mica of Bamboo F2
(Bahgara Khan ALC line)

Uniquely Just a Peach of BambooF2
(Huntsmen ALC line)

Uniquely Audacious of Bamboo F2
(Taro line)

Uniquely Rasha Too of Bamboo F2
(Huntsmen ALC line)

Uniquely Moxie Baby of Bamboo F3
(Bahgara Khan ALC line)

Uniquely Apricot of Bamboo F3
(Huntsmen ALC line)

Bamboo Chain Reaction F3
(Huntsmen ALC line)

Bamboo King Turok F3
(Huntsmen ALC line)




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