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   All Bamboo later generation (4th generation or more) Bengals used for breeding are pelted, rosetted, loving, sweet tempered, free from genetic health faults, and very wild looking, assuring healthy top quality pets, breeders, and show quality kittens.Bamboo has 20 lines of Leopard Cats in their breeding program, 10 of them are our personal Leopard Cats and the rest are in our Bengal  pedigrees. They are:
ZHaDum of Bamboo (Male)
ZaRu of Bamboo (Amur Male) 
Maximus of Bamboo (Male) 
Satai of Bamboo (Male) 
Asianna of Bamboo (Female) 
MaiTai of Bamboo (Female)
Jasmine of Bamboo (Female) 
Nikolai of Bamboo (Amur Male) 
Natasha of Bamboo (Amur Female)
Titan of Bamboo (Male)
Taro of Bundas (male)
Bahgara Kahn (male)
Ido Naqit (Amur male)
Leopard of Cheethatu (Amur male) 
Hatfield ALC (Male)
Leapold ALC (Male)
Dundee NIH ALC (Male)
Centerwall/Meredith (Male)
Houser ALC (Female) 
Wild Huntsman (male)
Bamboo's Later Generation Queens

Brown Spotted Tabbies (Leopard)

   Bamboo Golden Charm

   DCH Bamboo Mischievous

   QCH Bamboo Marvelous
Spotsnglitz Mystic Halo of Bamboo 
Uniquely Serena of Bamboo 

Uniquely Wild Rampage of Bamboo

Brown Marbled Tabbies (Tri-color Marbles)

  Ch. Bamboo Mystique

   TCH Bamboo Spice Girl

  Chloes Brandi Wine of Bamboo

  Chloes Venus UR The 1 of Bamboo

Seal Mink Marbled Tabby (Snow)

Kingsransom Keelin of Bamboo

Silver Spotted Tabby

  Lakewood Mysty of Bamboo

Lakewood Moonshadow of Bamboo

Bamboo's breeding stock
is permanently identified with registered 
AVID® microchips
(800) 434-2843




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