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Now Retired

Trendar F1 Amuretta of Bamboo
Sire: Ido Naqit of Trendar (ALC)  Dam: Amber Rosette

    Amuretta is a brown spotted tabby with a very thick tail, golden eyes, beautiful double pelted coat with great contrast and arrowhead rosettes. She has small rounded oceli ears. She was our second F1.

Unfortunately, Amuretta was NOT raised properly and was totally wild acting and would eat her young in fear of them being taken. This was not her fault, but the fault of her breeder who did not bottle her or socialize her. We were never able to get any of her kittens from her and she is now in a very special home.

Amuretta is an excellent example of the old way of producing F1s for money and why they were so difficult to keep, breed, and raise kittens with.  Breeders who raise F1s like her are the reasons why so many negative things are said by many SBT Bengal breeders. It is far easier to blame the generation or Leopard Cat then for the breeder to take responsibility for what they produce. Thank God her breeder does not raise F1s anymore.

It is a shame, but there are still breeders who breed in barns and do not pull and bottle raise their young and sell them to the unknowing pet owner or breeder as "Hand Raised" and then say what do you expect it's an F1! They even have the nerve to tell people that they make better breeders if not socialized. Anything but take responsibility.


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