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Pure Bred Asian Leopard Cat
"The foundation cat of the Bengal breed"

Queen Asianna of Bamboo (ALC)
    Asianna, aka Cha Chi or Chiquita was our first female ALC and is a proven female. She is an amazing rosetted cat with a very clear coat, and wonderful white belly. She comes from imported bloodlines from Germany and had been bottled raised and raised in a house with Bengal cats. Before coming to Bamboo she had produced some of the most beautiful F1 domestic Bengals ever that have now been bred down to the 4th generation (SBT). She is IPEBA and TICA Registered. Asianna uses a litter box faithfully and is non-agressive in anyway. We believe the selection of the Leopard Cats qualities are as important as the Bengals bred to them. We are planning to breed her to one of our Leopard Cats this spring. 

Sorry, kittens from Asianna will not be offered for sale in 2004.




F1 Legacy (daughter of Asianna)

F1 Prophecy
(daughter of Asianna)

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