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In Loving Memory

Bamboo Banzai F2
Sire: RW SGC Forestrun Molicing of Bamboo  Dam: Bundas First Lady of Bamboo
    Banzai was a large brown spotted tabby, very typie F2 female. She had very  black rosetted spots and markings on a very clear golden soft pelt, large whisker pads and chin, thick tail, beautiful head and body, and nocturnal eyes. Her grand sire is the ALC Taro of Bundas. Banzai was our first one we bottle raised and the the most loving, sweetest, laid-back cat anyone could ask for. She just wanted to be in your lap, loved all day long and give kisses. We put her up against any generation for sweetness. She died at one year of age from a blocked urethra, she is deeply missed.


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