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Bamboo Gina
F1 Silver Bengal Queen
New Bengal Line!

Sire: ZaRu of Bamboo (LC)
Dam: Rumscott Silvers Spoon of Bamboo
(Classic Silver American Shothair)

Gina is a LARGE, stunning, Silver spotted F1 Bengal female with arrowhead and paw print rosetting. She has a lovely head and profile with brick-colored nose leather and lighted belly, chest and face markings. She has a regal presence about her. She is a completely new Bengal line, without any other Bengal lines in her. That's right, NO Millwood, Googees, or anything else in her gene pool. Genetically sound and Very HEALTHY line. Very sweet bottle raised girl, would make a nice pet and or breeder.

$1200.00 as Pet
or as a Breeder $1200.00 now and $1200.00 when she has her first litter.

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