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F1 Bamboo Golden Girl

Sire: Maximus of Bamboo
Dam: Bamboo Mystique (SBT)

       Golden Girl has a very clear soft golden pelt, whited belly, and beautiful arrow head and paw print rosetted spots. Being bottle raised in the house, she is a very sweet and outgoing and will jump up on our laps and nuzzle our necks and give kisses. Her mother Bamboo Mystique was a Marble SBT Bengal of excellent breeding and because she was a Marble, Golden Girl is genetically a Leopard spotted cat, without any domestic spotting gene. This means she can only have and carry the true Leopard pattern of the Leopard Cat. When she is bred to a marble stud, she can only produce genetically pure Leopard or Marbled offspring of superior patterns. We would like to see her continued in a Bengal program that would be interested in producing SBT's of the pure Leopard genetics.

Proven Outstanding Breeder



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