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Fantasycats Scarlet of Bamboo
 Sire: Bamboo Sir Lancelot of Fantasycats
 Dam: Dream China Blue of Fantasycats

Scarlet is a Seal Mink Spotted Tabby Bengal.  Scarlet  has an outstanding wedge shaped face with awesome whisker pads, a beautiful roman profile, excellent eye set and medium sized ears.

Scarlet displays a large body type with a random rosetted pattern.  She has nice acreage throughout her pattern.  Scarlet has a nice long body, and a thick tail with rounded tip.

Scarlet has a sweet gentle personality, and she loves to be around people and other cats.  She is a wonderful addition to our breeding program. Her sire Bamboo Sir Lance of Fantasycats was out of our IW RW SGC King Cobra of Bamboo and our QCH Bamboo Mischevious. So Scarlet is of Bamboo bloodlines. Thanks to our dear friend Denise Gross of Fantasycats for allowing us this beatiful proven female.

Fantasycats Scarlet of Bamboo (Left side)

Fantasycats Scarlet of Bamboo (Right side)



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