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Silver Bengal Stud

Juniperridge Hi Ho Silver of Bamboo
Sire: Silvergene Splendor of Starbengal
Dam: Juniperridge Desert Spot

We looked hi and low for a Silver stud that had the quality head, long body and excellent coat that is expected at Bamboo Cattery. Silver fit this bill perfectly. He has the quality of not only being a wonderful stud for a silver Bengal program, but is an asset for any Bengal program.
Silver is an SBT Silver Spotted Tabby male, with excellent type, very clear silky pelted coat with not a speck of tarnishing or ticking. His coat has large clear arrow head rosettes with excellent pattern. He has nice small rounded ears that are well set and an excellent profile not seen on many Bengals, never mind on many silver Bengals.

Silver is not only spectacular looking, he has a very sweet loving temperament, and just wow's all those that meet him with his wonderful personality. A special thank you to Ruth Todice of Uniquely Cattery for the opportunity to own this awesome boy!

TICA and IPCBA Registered!