Founded in 1996

Pictured is a Bamboo Domestic Bengal kitten

"The look of the wild in a Domestic Cat"


Bamboo Cattery specialized in raising the most exotic looking rarest, healthest, pure bred Bengal cats with the highest amount of Asian Leopard Cat blood available anywhere in the world!

While most Bengal catteries were only producing the watered down versions of only 10-20%, Bamboo Cattery was consistently offering Bengal cats of 50, 60, 80%, or more Leopard Cat blood, while producing the most sweet natured, bonding, loving, outgoing, affectionate, and genetically sound domestic Bengal cats available in the world!

Bamboo Bengal cats were for the must discriminate breeder and pet owners! Just ask anyone who owns a Bengal cat from Bamboo Cattery or read Bamboo's many Customer Testimonies .

We are very proud of the progress Bamboo has made over 14 years by showing by example what is possible with proper socialization and selective breeding of the early generation Bengal cats and in educating the public about these wonderful special creatures. We are also very proud of what we accomplished with our Leopard Cat program. We have always loved our cats and always will, so it was with great heartache that we had to end our breeding program at Bamboo Cattery and the Leopard Cat Foundation.

We have now fulfilled our two year waiting list for our Bengal kittens  and are offering the last few selected Bamboo breeding stock to approved Bengal breeding programs and loving Pet homes.


Marie & Mike Bloodgood
Bamboo Cattery
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The International Bengal Breeders' Association (TIBBA).  TIBBA recognizes, promotes, and protects ALL generations of Bengals. We feel the future of the Bengal breed as a whole depends on them."

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