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Melanistic Bengal
KITTENS Available 

I'm Sorry, No Melanistic Kittens
 are Available at this time.


        Just like in other pedigreed cats, there levels of qualities in kittens. The following prices are starting prices.

Pet quality kittens $400.00 as pet only.

Breeder quality $500.00 as pet, $1000.00 as breeder.

Top Show/breeders $600 as pet, $1200 Show/breeder.

Reserving a Kitten !!!!

    If you would like to reserve a Bamboo kitten or be placed on our waiting list, please send a $50 (pet) or $100 (breeder/Show) deposit to Marie Bloodgood 11290 N. Dixie Hwy., Bonnieville, KY 42713and please email us at or call us at (207) 531-7966 and let us know the sex, type, color, quality, and if for a pet, breeder, or show.
    Deposits are refundable or transferable on pre-ordered kittens (not born yet). Once a deposit is place on a certain living kitten, refunds will not be transferable or refundable unless the kitten proves to not be of the quality first thought. We require a deposit to make sure that the customer is serious about buying a Bamboo Bengal.

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