Melanistic Bengals

Q. What causes  Melanistic (Black) in Bengals?
A. Technically all Bengals are Melanistic, it is the presents of the agouti gene that cause cats to show a pattern. Melanistic cats do not have the agouti gene, but only have the non-agouti gene in it's place. The non-agouti gene is recessive to the agouti gene, meaning both parents must carry the non-agouti gene to produce Melanistic offspring.

Melanistic Bengals are NOT to be confused with the Pantherette Breed. The Pantherette is a completely different breed and their name "Pantherette" is a protected Trademark and all rights are reserved. The name Pantherette is not to be used on Melanistic Bengals or any other Black cats. Pantherette's are bred to look like a large heavy built Black Panther, nothing like the small Asian Leopard Cat that Bengals are bred to look like.

Sorry, but the Pantherette breed is in the early stages of development and are not yet available to the public.

Queen Ebony of Bamboo
  Ebony  is a beautiful long bodied Melanistic (Black) Bengal. She has nice black sheen, small rounded ears, soft pelted coat, large whisker pads and chin, oval green eyes, wild head and body, and very sweet temperament.

Black Raven of Bamboo
      Raven  is a Melanistic (Black) Bengal and a sweetheart with a soft pelted black coat, large whisker pads and chin, rounded gold eyes, spotted undercoat, and long body.



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