All Bamboo later generation (4th generation or more) Bengals used for breeding are pelted, rosetted, loving, sweet tempered, free from genetic health faults, and very exotic looking, assuring healthy top quality pets, breeders, and show quality kittens.

   Bamboo has worked with 51 lines of Leopard Cats in their Bengal cat breeding program to date, more than any other cattery in history. We have personally owned over 40 individual Leopard Cats in our Leopard Cat Foundation® and has never found one to be aggressive toward people or other animals because they have wonderful temperaments and an instinct to flee when they feel threatened. In fact the Leopard Cat 's non-aggressive nature is much nicer than the typical domestic cats nature. They pair and bond with their mates for life, work to raise their young together, and even sacrifice their own well being for their mate or their young.

SBT Queens Available

Uniquely Serena of Bamboo
$1000.00 as Breeder Excellent mother

November 1st, 2010


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