First Molicing (retired) achieved Best Kitten in 94-95. Then Molicing and Hocus (retired) achieved the Best Two Brown Spotted Tabbies in 95-96. Then Hocus produced the Best Two Bengal Kittens in 96-97 (Azar & Kamikaze), and  Molicing produced the Best Bengal in 97-98 (QGC Uniquely Gambling Man).
    Now a look at year 99-2000; Ch Uniquely Gucci (Top NE Bengal Kitten), ACFA Inter-American and Regional Best Bengal, TICA CH. ACFA Triple Grand CH. Kentuckiana Best of the Best, King Cobra of Bamboo, and Bamboo La Femme Nikita of DJ Bengals, all out of our Molicing.

    Also Double Ch. Bamboo Mischievous (out of Hocus and Lexica) and now ACFA  Inter-American and Regional Best Bengal kitten, Best BST adult and 2nd Best Bengal adult Quadruple Ch. Bamboo Marvelous out of Cobra and Lexica (retired). If that's not domination, what is?

  2000-2001 season, in one show of season entered, four of our Cobra's offspring make Double Champions. DCH Bamboo Carmela Swirl, DCH Bamboo Precious Pearl, DCH Bamboo Spice Girl, and DCH Bamboo Nikko of Majestic Bengals.

  2001-2002 season , in one show of season entered, our Cobra's offspring Bamboo Carmela Swirl becomes a Quadruple Champions,  Bamboo Spice Girl becomes a Triple Champion, and Bamboo King Tutankhaman becomes Champion. Also, Bamboo Eden becomes Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion.

2002-2006 Bamboo cattery does not enter any shows, but has several kittens they produced win many titles and be featured in 2003, 2004, and 2005 Bengal Calendars as well as on the cover of the first Cats 24/7 international cat magazine in 2005 and acomplishments go on and on.

Ch. Bamboo King Tutankhaman
(Not for Sale or stud service)



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