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Pure Bred Asian Leopard Cat
pure bengalensis chinensis subspiecies
"A new foundation cat of the Bengal breed"

 Manchu of Bamboo (ALC)
    Manchu was raised at the Leopard Cat Foundation and is an unrelated new line to the Bengal world. He is not a Bengal, he is a pure Asian Leopard Cat and will reach about 10 pounds when grown and has an amazing rosetted golden clear coat, and wonderful white belly. He wais bottle raised and is IPEBA. Registered. Manchu always uses a litter box faithfully and is very affectionate and loves to be held and have his belly kissed. We believe the selection of the Leopard Cats qualities are as important as the Bengals bred to them. Manchu brings in stuning chaining rosettes to the Bengal breed.

    Sorry, Manchu will not be offered for stud to cats outside of Bamboo Cattery and Bamboo does NOT currently sell Leopard Cats.

Please note:
Bamboo is NOT currently selling  Leopard Cats.

Manchu at 2 weeks

Manchu at 2 wweks

Manchu at 10 weeks

loves to play at 10 weeks

Manchu at 5 months

Loves mommy at 5 months

Manchu at 5 months
More Manchu pictures to coming soon!



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