Pure Bred Leopard Cat
Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus

"A foundation cat of the domestic Bengal breed"

ZaRu of Bamboo

    ZaRu was imported from Czechoslovakia in 1998 and has proven to reproduce outstanding F1 domestic Bengals. He is an amazing rosetted cat with a very clear coat, very very thick tail and wonderful white belly. He is a big cat about 20 pounds and very sweet with his girls and a very easy breeder, willing to breed just about any female. ZaRu uses a litter box faithfully. We believe the selection of the Leopard Cats qualities are as important as the Bengals bred to them.
    He is IPEBA and TICA registered. The euptilurus subspecies of  Leopard Cats are prized for producing Bengals of larger size, with thicker tails, great patterns (no bars), rosettes, dense soft coat, and exceptional out going personalities. We believe ZaRu's decendants are from the southern part of the euptilurus range and is why shorter coat then many of the other euptilurus's known as Amur. Like Nikolai and Natasha, ZaRu's coat is Silver tipped, eleminating the black ticking other euptilurus's Leopard Cats are known to have and produce in their offspring. Just take a look at the wonderful coats he puts on his kittens below.

Sorry, ZaRu is not offered for stud to cats from other Cattery's

ZaRu of Bamboo (Leopard Cat)

Pictured below is an example of a ZaRu of Bamboo's F1 domestic Bengal Kitten. Mother was a Bengal.



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