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( The foundation cats of the Domestic Bengal Cat)

    Bamboo has worked with over 20 lines of Leopard Cats in their breeding program, over 11 of them are their personal unique Leopard Cats and the rest are found in their Bengal  pedigrees. They are:
    ZHaDum of Bamboo (Male)               Taro (male)
     Maximus of Bamboo/LCF (Male)      Bahgara Kahn (male)
     ZaRu of Bamboo/LCF (Amur Male)  Ido Naqit  (Amur male)
     Satai of LCF (Male)                         Leopard of Cheethatu (Amur male)
    Asianna of Bamboo (Female)            Hatfield ALC (Male)
    MaiTai of LCF (Female)                   Leapold ALC (male)
    Titan of LCF (Male)                         Dundee NIH ALC (Male)
   Jasmine of LCF (Female)                 Centerwall/Meredith (Male)
   Nikolai of LCF (Amur Male)            Houser ALC (Female)
   Natasha of LCF (Amur Female)       Wild Huntsman (male)
  Manchu of Bamboo (Male)
     Unlike the Domestic Cat (Felis Catus) that is made up from several wild species, the Leopard Cat is a true species of cat that are found in the wild. ALL of Bamboo's  Leopard Cats were captive bred. Leopard Cats are bred to domestic cats to make domestic Bengals. The early generation Bengals are commonly known as the Filial (F) Bengals. Some incorrectly call them foundation Bengals. The only true foundation cat to the domestic Bengal is the Leopard Cat and the first domestic cats bred to them.

Leopard Cats are CITES regulated, meaning they are a protected species and should only be kept in facilities that are involved in propagating their pure species. Producing Bengals with them should be secondary and not their main purpose. Even though only about one in ten ALCs will ever breed a domestic cat, hundreds of captive Leopard Cats gene pools are being lost each year to the Bengal breed.  We feel that unless a cattery is planning to breed pure Leopard Cats, they are exploiting a near endangered species and are part of the problem not the solution.

Here at Bamboo the preservation of the Leopard Cat species is our main goal and our Bengal program income is used to advance that goal.

For more information on Leopard Cats go to the Leopard Cat Foundation®

Bamboo plans on having some unrelated pair's and trio's of pure subspecies of Leopard Cats available in fall of 2008!

We are currently using the following
Two Leopard Cats in our Bengal cat program,
all our many other Leopard Cats (26 adults) are being
used at the Leopard Cat Foundation®

  Maximus Of Bamboo (p.bengalensis chinensis)
  ZaRu of Bamboo (p.bengalensis euptilura)
Bamboo's breeding stock are permanently identified with registered AVID® microchips
and are DNA swabbed for genetic identification.



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